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Meet The HUMANES, our ALL-STAR band (Rock Stars & Actors).

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Documentary DVD and soundtrack CD


OneSong: Lessons Of The Silent Masters. Follow a group of at-risk teens from the inner city as they embark on a once in a lifetime journey to an animal sanctuary. Join them as they take their first airplane ride and their first drive through the country. Witness their heartwarming introduction to the majestic world of elephants, and be inspired as they discover the power of empathy and compassion in a place where the residents are not caged objects to be looked at, but free and valuable lives to be looked after. The documentary soundtrack CD (free with the purchase of DVD) Features musicians from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Elton John Band, Stevie Wonder Band, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bill Meyers, Duane Allen Harlick, Skye Dyer and more!

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You might think there’s no rhyme or reason for dog and cat behavior, but you’d be wrong. There are rules. Specifically, 50 Rules For Dogs: The Canine Constitution and 50 Rules For Cats: The Kitty Commandments. Both are cleverly illustrated, fun and irreverent peeks into the inner lives of cats and dogs from their own unique perspective. Even though they’re already a great deal for $9.95 each, we’ll make it even better and for a limited time you will pay NO SHIPPING and No TAX! A substantial portion of proceeds go to Project OneSong. Buy one for each of your dog and cat loving friends!

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